New email server information


Please Note:  If you cannot view the webmail pages and are using an older version of Windows (95, 98, ME) and are using IE 4 or 5, make sure your browser has 128bit encryption.  Open IE and click on help-about Internet Explorer.  If the cipher strength is anything but 128bit you will need to download an update for your browser. For IE 4 For IE 5 For IE 5.01

The new Meadville Online mail server has a built in spam and virus filter.  To view any messages caught in spam simply visit and look at your Spam folder.

You can also view archived email by going to your All Mail Folder in webmail.

If you need any assistance with this update, please give us a call at 333-9613.

Click here to download the mdvl email setup utility.

Running this utility will not delete any existing email accounts currently in your mail program.
It will only add a new account with the new email server settings.

You will need to manually remove your old email address.

Here's how...

In Outlook Express you would go to  Tools - Accounts - Click on the mail tab and delete the old account.

In Outlook up to 2005 you would go to Tools - Email Accounts - Click on view or change and from the list of addresses delete the old account.

In Outlook 2007 you would go to Tools - Account Settings - Delete the old account.

Instructions for email setup utility... If you use only our webmail interface and do not use a POP3 mail client such as Outlook Express, then you do not need to run this program.